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What can I expect from therapy?

Therapy is a great way to improve your mental health. It is normal to feel nervous at the beginning, and I aim to help you feel as supported as possible. I generally begin an initial session with a conversation about what brings you to therapy and what you hope to get out of the experience. From there, we can determine if the therapeutic relationship is a good fit for you and tailor the process to meet your needs. 

What are your rates per session? Do you offer sliding scale rates?

I'm interested in therapy. How do I get started?

  1.  Email me your name, pronouns, phone number, available times for a quick phone call over the next week or two, and a short message about why you are looking into therapy at this time

  2. I will reply to schedule a brief phone call to discuss what you are looking for in more depth and ask some screening questions to ensure moving forward seems like a good fit 

  3. If it seems working together might be a good fit and availability aligns, the next step is scheduling an intake session. Please complete client paperwork (located under the 'Forms' tab of this website) as soon as you are able before the appointment

Do you accept insurance?

Individual therapy sessions last 50 minutes, and the rate for each session is $150. If this rate is not affordable for you right now, please contact me anyways, as I may be able to offer services to you at a reduced rate or connect you with someone who can.

I am not currently in-network with any insurance companies. However, I am happy to provide information needed to file out-of-network claims. If you plan to file out-of-network, you should first verify that your insurance plan allows for this option.

Do you provide a Good Faith Estimate per the No Surprises Act?

The No Surprises Act of 2022 requires that I provide uninsured or self-pay clients with a Good Faith Estimate, or notification that outlines expected charges. Please see my Good Faith Estimate form for full details.

Note: the expected cost of therapy is based on my fee times the number of sessions needed. As your therapist, I will work with you throughout your treatment to determine how many sessions and/or services you need to receive the greatest benefit based on your diagnosis(es) or presenting clinical concerns. It is not possible nor therapeutically ethical to estimate the number of sessions needed upfront as ongoing variables contribute to that need and timeline. However, all payment is due at the time of service and all fees are discussed upfront. I am committed to being transparent about fees and services so that my clients do not experience financial surprises. Please see the table of fees and services in my Good Faith Estimate form for more information.

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